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is your event at risk?


Workers picket at the Hilton Anaheim in December 2018.

Workers picket at the Hilton Anaheim in December 2018.

On December 6th, hotel workers throughout Los Angeles and Orange County voted by 96% to authorize strikes at many hotels, including the Anaheim Hilton and Sheraton Park Anaheim.  As of right now, at the authorized hotels, a strike can occur at any time.  A strike is when workers stop working and walk off the job.  A strike could impact housekeeping, food and beverage, and many other hospitality functions in a hotel.

Currently, the hotels in question have failed to agree to a new and fair contract for workers.  Some of the most important issues at stake are fair pay, a livable pension, affordable health care and protections against sexual harassment. 

We highly recommend that you / your organization examine your event contract and make sure you have protective language and that you have a backup plan.  We are asking everyone to NOT use a hotel where there is a strike.  Are you willing to make that commitment, either for yourself or for your organization?  You can find model protective language for your event contracts at the following site: https://www.fairhotel.org/model-protective-language. With the right language, you should be able to cancel your contract without penalty in the event of a strike or other labor disputes.

Strikes have been authorized at the following properties in Orange County:

Workers also authorized strikes at multiple hotels in Los Angeles County. Please visit https://socaltravelalert.org/latravelalert/ for more information.