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“A High-End Celebrity Hotel Made Famous by #MeToo” -The Daily Beast

sandra pezqueda

Sandra Pezqueda washed dishes at the Terranea resort through a staffing agency,

but after she reported sexual harassment, she was fired.

Sandra alleges that in 2015 her male supervisor from the agency pursued her over a period of months and tried to kiss her in a storage room. When she rebuffed his sexual advances, the supervisor allegedly retaliated against her, changing her schedule and cutting her hours so that she was working too little to support herself and her family. After she reported his conduct, she was fired.    

But Sandra refused to remain silent. She filed a lawsuit against the Terranea and the staffing agency that placed her there—which was resolved through a settlement in 2018—and spoke publicly about her experiences. In recognition of her courage, TIME Magazine featured Pezqueda in its “Silence Breakers” Person of the Year 2017 feature, alongside celebrities like Taylor Swift and Ashley Judd and other workers who have spoken out about sexual harassment.


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