Terranea and Sparta Solutions

In 2015, Terranea President Terri Haack struck a deal with Sparta Solutions, a "union avoidance firm" that says on their website that they will defend businesses from "the media," "governmental organizations," and, of course, "organized labor." Sparta further brags it will "punish those who seek to do our clients harm."  The relationship between Terranea and Sparta Solutions was described in governmental filings from January 2017 as “ongoing.”

"Wage Theft" Lawsuit

As covered in the Los Angeles Times, on October 19, 2017, Terranea workers filed a class action lawsuit alleging that the resort has subjected them to numerous wage and hour violations, including failure to pay for all hours worked, the denial of meal and rest breaks, and failure to reimburse for work supplies. Workers also allege that the resort’s requirement that employees take company shuttles from off-site parking lots in order to make room for guests (while failing to pay workers for the additional travel time) is unlawful. The lawsuit is pending in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Terranea Worker on Working at the Resort: "It's Terrible."

Workers at the resort merely want to be treated with respect. Josh Eidelson, writing for Bloomberg, quotes a cook at the hotel:  “‘Everything looks so beautiful in front of the house, but if you go in back of the house, where we are, it’s terrible,’ said Terranea cook Freddy Lovato, who’s worked at the resort for nine years. With customers living it up while employees toil, he said, ‘I always picture the “Titanic” movie.’”