Breaking the Silence on Sexual Harassment at the Terranea


person of the year, 2017

the silence breakers

Sandra Pezqueda, one of the “Silence Breakers” recognized by Time Magazine, is not a celebrity. She’s an immigrant mother who washed dishes at the fancy Terranea Resort.

After Sandra came forward to report predatory sexual harassment, she was fired. She filed a lawsuit alleging discrimination and retaliation against the Terranea and the staffing agency that placed her there. The suit was settled in April 2018.  Under the terms of the settlement agreement entered into by Pezqueda and the staffing agency, Excellent Maintenance Service, Inc., the agency will pay Pezqueda $250,000 to resolve all claims raised in the lawsuit. 

A serious labor dispute remains ongoing at the Terranea. Terranea management has consistently refused to give the resort workers a fair process for workers to decide whether to unionize, one that would create an atmosphere free from management pressure tactics.  For more information about the labor dispute at the Terranea Resort, please visit

We are asking for customers to Terranea workers and pledge not to do business at the resort until the labor dispute is over and all workers are treated with respect and dignity.

The choice is yours: stick with the Terranea, or stand with the hotel’s workers and cease doing business at the resort.